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PIF Trainings

Periodically, WWG partners will conduct a training on migratory bird conservation.  The goals of these are to instruct participants on bird conservation laws, how to apply them, bird conservation partnerships, tools for bird conservation, resources online, and more.

In 2012 several partners conducted 4 of these in strategic locations in Oregon and Washington, the now famous ORWA PIF roadshow.  Powerpoints and other materials from that training are available here.

The Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership followed suit with two different trainings within the state.  

The first, in 2014 designed primarily for NRCS and FSA field staff, entitled "Bird Conservation on Private Lands."  Check out those materials here.  

The second IBCP series was in Nov of 2016, and was aimed at a broader array of Federal, State, and Tribal partners in bird conservation, "Avian Tools for Resource Planners."   Those materials are here.

The feedback we've gotten from these road shows has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are improving these classes, the messaging and delivery, with each iteration.

We hope you'll find these sites and materials useful.  Please share them with friends and colleagues.  

If you like the idea, use and modify these materials to create similar workshops in your state or region!  The WWG can help you lift your training off the ground.  Message us through fb, the listserv, or emailing the current chair.