WWG Action Plan
Originally conceived and written by former Chair, Larry Neel, this living document provides the WWG with a focus for action.  The current version is attached for download, below.  Previous versions are available here

Landowner's & Manager's Guides & BMPs


Pocket Guides

    Birds of SF Bay 
    Beach Birds of California 
    Sierra Nevada Foothills 
    Creek Birds


                Prairie Birds
                Northern Prairie Birds
                Aves de Pastizal del Desierto Chihuahuense

Avoiding Mortality
    Covering pipes 

PIF Bird Conservation Plans
California (all 8)

Joint Venture Plans
Central Valley
Central California Coast
Northern Great Plains
Pacific Coast
Playa Lakes
Prairie Potholes 
SF Bay

Environment Canada -- Bird Conservation Strategies by BCR

4 - Northwestern Interior Forest
5 - Northern Pacific Rainforest
6 - Boreal Taiga Plains
9 - Great Basin
10 - Northern Rockies
11 - Prairie Potholes

Other Manuscripts
An Assessment and Revisions to the Pair Correction Factor used in the PIF Continental Plan Population Estimation Process (Altman et al. 2009) -- This collaboration (see Attachments, below) provides new estimates of differential detectability among species along BBS routes, a critical assumption in the model translating BBS survey data to population estimates.  These new factors have been incorporated into new population estimates for the coming Trinational Vision.

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