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2010 State of the Birds -- Climate Change edition -- Released

posted Mar 12, 2010, 9:00 AM by Mike Green
On March 11, the 2nd annual State of the Birds report was rolled out at a special conference in Austin, Texas.  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was present as were key partners in bird conservation who collaborated on both the first issue (in 2009) and on this year's publications.  The 2010 edition analyzes vulnerabilities of birds to climate change by broad habitat categories.  Not surprisingly, seabirds, island inhabitants, coastal, and arctic/alpine species will face the greatest challenges; birds in grasslands, aridlands, wetlands, and forests will be generally less affected (see figure below).   

These reports are largely outreach documents for Congress and the public, condensing the results of models into colorful graphs, simple messages, with lots of striking bird pictures.  The 2009 report resulted in a $3M add to bird conservation (largely in Hawaii).  The climate vulnerabilty models are very similar to scoring that underlies PIF's database -- this is not too surprising, since some of the same folks have been central to both SOTB and PIF scoring schemes.  Find out more on their website.