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Spring 2015 Tucson, AZ

Agenda and Notes
Download the meeting agenda and notes from the meeting (and more), below.  Note in particular the Action Items at the end of the notes!  Let's continue to make progress, people.

Well-attended, this meeting pushed the bar a little higher as the WWG continues to bring together our very effective leaders in western bird conservation for another packed, collaborative week of work.  

Updates on Sonoran JV prioritization (using Miradi), climate change tracking, and how the AZ PIF morphed into the AZ Bird Conservation Initiative as a way to ID priorities and streamline bird conservation statewide.  AZ IBAs are growing in number and recognized importance.  There was an update on PIF V planning, thank you David Younkman.  (It's really nice to have both David Younkman and David Pashley at our meetings.)  

Breakout groups got down to business on the WWG priorities:  Nightjar monitoring, Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Black Swifts, Olive-sided Flycatchers.  And there was a brainstorm session on Aerial Insectivores in the west.

On day 2, RMBO presented on their expanding integrated bird monitoring program, now 2nd only to the BBS in terms of effort and size for monitoring breeding birds.  Jenny Duberstein presented on the 2016 Centennial celebration of the first migratory bird treaty, and plans to make that a year-long celebration of bird conservation.  Jay Carlisle presented on the expanding Long-billed Curlew satellite telemetry project, and how they are working to resolve a particular conservation issue in Idaho for that species.  Colleen Moulton represented the Pacific Flyway Nongame Technical Committee and updated the WWG on their new direction in prioritizing and integrating with the larger bird conservation community.  We learned about specific efforts on Short-eared Owls and Bendire's Thrashers.

There were also briefs on national issues and a report out from the JV Science Coordinating meeting in Texas in January and a host of other things.

We also said a HUGE thank you to Jaime for her leadership the past 3 years, and a huge HELLO to Barb Bresson who will lead us through the next phase as the new Chair of the WWG.

The WWG is also formalizing its structure, with an Executive Committee, and active participation of the past chair along with the Chair and Co-chair in building agendas, following through on floating action items, and coordinating projects between meetings.

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