Spring 2014 -- Ventura, CA

April 8-10

Downloadable Agenda & Meeting Notes below.  The presentations in pdf are downloadable from a Google Drive site, here.  (We are trying Google Drive as this site is reaching capacity.  Email me, michael_green@fws.gov, if this doesn't work for you.)

Field Trips:

Tues. evening -- Tour of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology

We had an amazing evening tour of this incredible research facility.  Thank you, WFVZ!

A Moa egg!

Eggs on display


Santa Cruz Island boat trip.  We all saw Island Scrub-Jay, and many other species on the island and from the boat in transit.

What a great trip!  Of course we ebirded it (thanks, Dan).

Sat - Sun 

Southern CA birds by the bucketful....  Led by Mary Whitfield, this was undoubtedly an amazing trip.

Downloads:  Agendas, Presentations, and Notes

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