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Reno Meeting PPTs

Most of the powerpoints presented at the WWG meeting are on a WWG Google Drive site (as pdfs), here.  Russ Norvell's presentation in Prezi is here.
And there's more.  A week later there was a webinar, on April 11, 2012, BLM and the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory conducted a joint webinar sharing information about the BLM/USGS habitat treatments database and the RMBO Bird monitoring and the Brewer’s Sparrow habitat modeling. Habitat database includes treatments of all kinds and may be accessible by BLM partners and others through special permissions. The treatments database may help refine monitoring efforts and reveal more information on modeling and future habitat treatments for birds. The IMBCR monitoring gives a good overview of landscape level monitoring for birds set in place over the last five years. The Brewer’s Sparrow modeling exhibits an example of modeling that can be done for one of many species using the landscape of the sage-brush steppe.  The presentations from that webinar are here.