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Spring 2012 Reno

On April 3-6 the WWG returned to Reno, NV, for the second time in 21 years, and our fourth time in Nevada in 43 meetings.  [We also met in Fallon (2001) and Henderson (1998).  See this page for a meeting history.] 
Notes from our meeting are posted below for download.
The overall theme was sagebrush conservation, highlighted by an all-day session on Wed. the 4th, Implementing State of the Birds 2011 in aridlands  (  Our meeting began with a 1/2-day devoted to State and NGO conservation activities in the Intermountain West, and the latest news regarding State Wildlife Action Plans, the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and the new draft PIF Strategic Plan. 
April 4th was devoted to implementing State of the Birds.  Allison Vogt orchestrated a series of very good presentations followed by discussion regarding sagebrush-dependent birds and what it will take to improve coordinated conservation action across agencies.  A smaller group will work on promoting ideas developed at this meeting; follow those developments here.
We took some time out for fun, as usual, but this time with a special purpose.  Wed night we celebrated Larry Neel's 30 years of conservation efforts and service to NDOW, and his abundant contributions to the WWG (photos here).  We hope to see more of Larry in his retirement, and between meetings, follow his wanderings at his photo page
The final day was very full -- with a little agenda-slippage -- where we were updated on projects that our group stimulated or have been following closely -- Flammulated Owl monitoring, the Black Swift geo-locator work, nightjar monitoring, and grasslands in Mexico.  Flam owl monitoring will continue in Washington state this summer, and then Jennifer Blakesly, Jay Carlisle, and Markus Mika will finalize a report on what we learned through our multi-state effort to define habitat characteristics of Flammys.  (Meanwhile, a few of us are furthering Brian Linkhart's work to define wintering locations of this species using geolocators.  More to come on that later.)  See the Black Swift page for more about that story -- very cool stuff, and congratulations to Jason Beason and his collaborators at RMBO.  Nightjar monitoring is up an running in the west, in case you haven't heard.  Check out how easy and fun it is here!
Arvind delivered a sobering prediction about overwinter survival of our grassland birds as a result of lingering drought and severe over-grazing in Chihuahuan grasslands -- a situation that RMBO has been following through their extensive work in Mexican grasslands; monitoring this spring might reveal a serious dip in detections across the Great Plains.  Plus, we discussed what darts stuck to the idea board at the fall meeting in Mexico and which darts might need to be picked up again with new aim.   
Most of the powerpoints are here.
And, Jaime Stephens took over leadership of WWG at this meeting.  Thanks, Jaime!  

Also, Dave Krueper has agreed to become the photo archivist for our group.  Send Dave your photos of past meetings, please!!!

Oh, and we took a field trip on Friday.  Some photos here.
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