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Fall 2010 -- San Diego, CA!

November 8-10, 2010

We met and accomplished all we set out to do and more.  Another successful WWG meeting.
Our agenda (see below) began with presentations about local conservation activities.  Since we met on DOD property, the focus was on partnerships and conservation on DOD lands in southern CA.  See notes for brief summaries.  These talks are an opportunity to showcase local research and conservation successes or management issues, but they also stimulate further discussions and result in additional connections within and beyond our typical PIF family.  This suite of talks was no different.  I heartily thank the suite of speakers! 
At this meeting we allowed valuable time for conversation flow and brainstorming.  At this meeting, during the session on the NRCS/JV/Bird-O partner biologist positions, we collectively decided to create a new outreach tool that partner biologists and others communicating with private landowners can hand out to convey conservation goals for certain habitat types -- the often used Riparian Habitat Joint Venture graphic showing Focal Species and their habitat associations will be the model.  This team has a little work to do, but we look forward to the result at the Spring Meeting.
We continue to struggle to maintain participation by state wildlife agencies.  This has a lot to do with budget, and with our agenda.  I solicit input from our essential state nongame partners on how the WWG can continue to serve your needs.  To address the first issue, we will try to arrange for a Web Conference during the spring meeting in Albuquerque. 
Finally, thanks to the organizers who worked to pull this together, Eric Kershner and Tiffany Shepherd especially! 
The Marriott Courtyard ('Airport/Liberty Station') 

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Nov 2, 2010, 4:20 PM
Mike Green,
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