WWG Chair
Scott Somershoe
Landbird Coordinator
Division of Migratory Birds
USFWS, Mountain and Prairie Region (R6)

The Chair position is held for a few years, voted upon by members at the final meeting of reigning chair.  Scott was elected co-chair in 2016, and agreed to step into the Chair role at the Spring 2017 meeting in Santa Fe, NM.  

Past Chairs include, Barb Bresson, Jaime Stephens, Mike Green, Rex Sallabanks, Larry Neel, Dan Casey, Carol Beardmore, Mike Carter, and ?

Our Partners
This is not meant to be a complete listing of all partners that make up PIF, but rather a partial list of some of the more prominent NGOs and agencies working together towards bird conservation in the west. 

National PIF
Western PIF Groups
Nevada PIF
Bird Observatories
Data Centers
Northeast Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Institute for Bird Populations
Avian Science Center
American Bird Conservancy 
State Agencies